Legal Action

fujitsu_p7120Today I filed a lawsuit in Hudson County, NJ against FujitsuĀ for:

1) selling me a laptop computer that fails the implied warranty that it is designed and manufactured for the purpose for which it is advertised and sold, as a reasonably robust portable computer.

2) failure to honor their own warranty by repairing the defective and useless computer.

3) failure to return the computer to me some 8 weeks after it was handed to them and despite frequent explicit written and phone requests that they do so.

The suit demands a full refund of the purchase price, refund of the cost of the memory upgrades and software I installed on the computer, cost of work needed to reprogram access codes and passwords compromised by the loss of the computer and the costs of the lawsuit.

The court will advise me before Dec 1st, 2006 of a hearing date. I’ll post it here when I know.

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