Brown Bread Cafe

At Noon I am in Varanasi in an Internet carrel at The Brown Bread Bakery, also known as Olio Restaurant and Ice-Cream Parlor, also known as OM Cyber Cafe, also known as Harashita Sarees and Silk Emporiium, all in a space not much larger than the necessary room in modern home. The welcome is much larger.

The computer I used to check my email contained a ton of spyware but after downloading, installing and running Ad-Aware, the free spyware cleaner from, I found and removed 160 infections. I also showed the owner how to do this daily from now on.

In compensation, instead of the $100 per hour fee I usually charge for computer consultation, my buddy Marshall and I each got a free liter of cold water and free use of the Internet to check our respective mail.

We also had the satifaction of knowing we’d done good.

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