Manly Jazz Festival – Day 01

The 29th Manly Jazz festival opened today. Despite a great deal of anxiety about the incomplete condition of the Corso reconstruction, everyone seemed satisfied. My son, John Harkins, was the afternoon’s attraction on the Main Stage overlooking Manly’s mile and one-half long beach.

I’ve never heard John play with such fire. His runs were awesome and his improvisations full of joy and excitement. I’m sure the crowd’s response added to his enthusiasm.  (Click on the “read more” links for photos)

Here are a few shots taken before, during and after his performance.

The Men in Black standing behind the stage are John and saxman Brad Child (who was excellent!).

The presenter Barry is coming up with his, “Hallo, hallo. What’s all this now?”

The madonna and child are Keily and Reilly, my 12 weeks-old grandson.

You’ll note the line backstage after the show where John signed CDs for buyers. He ran out of CDs to sell. So did the two jazz fan club kiosks. Those are the wonderful people who are helping keep jazz alive.

Would that we had more and like them in the USA. “Good on” them and shame on us that they do and we don’t.

Between his own sales and those in the jazz club kiosks he sold roughly $1,000 worth! (If you order right away, you can get yours at

Good show, John!

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