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As soon as I plugged in the Fujutsu laptop’s AC power and re-booted, I knew I was in deep trouble. The display was 20% scrambled.

Maybe it’s a software glitch or static buildup? I shut down and re-boot again.

Now almost 50% of the screen, the entire left side, was a mess.

One more re-boot and this time it was all gone. The screen was a grayish white blur that would be the familiar joy of any Inuit or Siberian. Only the audible alerts tell me that the unit itself has booted.

I am now the proud, but unwitting, owner of a $3,000.00, state-of-the-art, humming and beeping paperweight.

Were I in SoHo I could open a gallery and charge admission to an “event” called, “Technofucked.”

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