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taken at “Ash’s Table” Manly Beach – 2006 – click image

AS OF maybe 2010 or so – Almost everything about me that won’t get one of us arrested or shot can be found at: Joe’s Bio. That web site is an archive of articles I wrote when I had a nationally syndicated newspaper column called “Travel The Net.” When you are there, click on “Joe’s Clips” and you’ll find samples of articles I’ve written for various publications.

Nowadays, I only write occasional articles for a few publications. More of my time goes into maintaining my web site development and hosting business that I started in January of 1994. All the photos on this web site were taken by me.

BuildingHosting.Com now has clients in 7 countries. I live in Jersey City, New Jersey, home of the Statue of Liberty. What? You think it is in NYC? You have been deceived by the NYC Tourism and Visitor Bureau. Look at a map.

April 2009 UPDATE – I am just starting to plan the month of August 2009 in Australia, followed by 3 weeks or so elsewhere, probably by air to Venice, train to Padua, Lucca and Florence, wandering small villages in Tuscany, train to Amsterdam, a few days there and then home around labor Day.

At the moment the itinerary is tentative, but is the daily focus of some serious thought. Wanna do the European leg with me? Click on “Contact Joe” above.

BTW – see that string of Social Media icons directly below? That WordPress plugin, the most popular, user-installed plugin for WordPress, is called “Sociable.” It was created and given away to the world, free of charge, by Peter Harkins, my youngest son. He is also a very good writer. (www.push.cx).

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