Walking Through Fairy Bower

This morning I did two hours of walking at best speed. Had to stop a few times to ease the thigh-burn. The rain let up as I began but the wind blew so hard off the ocean that at one point the steady breeze across the mouth of the water bottle I was drinking from produced a perfect “A”.

Fairy Bower is an upscale community that hugs the top of a steep cliff that juts eastward out to sea, directly south of Manly Beach.

From that point, a winding, paved path rises and falls with the contour of the shoreline from Manly Beach to Shelly Beach and Cabbage Tree Bay. The Cabbage Tree Bay path (CTB to those who don’t like saying that delightful name aloud)  is wide enough for bikes and baby strollers in both directions. It is a favorite of walkers (like me) and joggers (you’re kidding, right?).

At points along the way, a set of wooden stairs or steps cut into the stone, offers access up and down to one of the homes on the heights. The Beautiful People live up there, close to heaven. At any moment, one of its famous residents, such as Nicole Kidman, might descend the steps and share the same plane of existence with us mortals. That may be one explanation for the precious name.

The day was overcast and the wind was kicking up waves that delighted the surfers.

At the going rate of a thousand words each, I guess the photo gallery below is the literary equivalent of a small book or, at the very least, a brief chapter in the tax code.

Don’t overlook the photos of the sculptures embedded in rocks along the way. They are unique in the world. I’ve Googled for information, but not found anything to explain who created them and when.

Click on an image to enlarge it. These are large images so be patient. There’s more text below the photos.

I did this walk yesterday as well. In fact I probably walked CTB every third day or so during the past month.

Earlier today I gave away a load of shirts and stuff that had filled my large suitcase. I’ll do the trip through India with just the clothes I can fit in the carry-on bag. That may mean wearing the same shirt for two or three days in a row. From everything I’ve read, I’m not likely to attract any more flies than anyone else.

I’ve checked out of the guest house and now must sit on my luggage until John comes to get me around 3pm. He’s teaching piano all morning and early afternoon. His apartment is small. What with the baby fussing, plus students coming and going, it’s best that I stay out of the way. I’ll use the time to do a little work. If the weather allows, I’ll sneak in another walk.

I’ll hit the supermarket to load up on apples and mixed nuts. I find that a better travel diet than airline food.

I’ll also visit the used book store. Yesterday I bought a clean edition of “Richard ll” but I’ll need a good mystery as well. I never watch movies on the plane; full-screen, in the dark, shared with an audience, is the only way.

John and I will have dinner in the little restaurant in the passageway next to the Manly Library, before he takes me to the airport. I’ve already said goodbye to Zak and Reilly. I’m sad.

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